Get the proper skill and allow us to place you with work

The MRF SHIFT  Development Program consists of three components that will ultimately guide participants to attain sustainable economic security and become productive, independent, joyful, and service-driven members of their community.MRF is a five-week, eight hour a day (160+ hours), job-readiness and skills development program. The program encompasses: character building, career development and life skills classes, including 24 hrs. of computer classes.
Job Club provides access to the computer lab, employment resources, and personal assistance with job applications and resources to support employment opportunities. Temporary employment with a small stipend through MRF SHIFT is available while an active member of MRF SHIFT PROGRAM.
MRF SHIFT offers two years of job placement support and follow-up: access to the computer lab, a career development specialist, job resources, and classes to support graduate’s current employment, and opportunities to help them develop their careers.
MRF SHIFT offers certification courses (6 hours) throughout the year for anyone who will operate sit-down forklifts (powered industrial trucks). Upon successful completion of the course and testing, the participant will receive both a wallet size and an 8 x 10 certificate valid in California. Please learn more here.


We help men and women in our program prepare for the workforce in a
Number of ways. One of those is ensuring they have the right wardrobe
Essentials. We currently accept a limited amount of men and women work suits of all kind in excellent condition
Please call or email before making a donation: [email protected] (661)752-5068